Into the Pray

Devotional #3: J C Ryle, Refuting Heresy & Our Holiness

March 07, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 12
Into the Pray
Devotional #3: J C Ryle, Refuting Heresy & Our Holiness
Show Notes


Thank you for listening to Into the Pray.

We’re doing these short devotional episodes to set us right for Monday mornings and the new week of opportunity that lies ahead.

Today we focus briefly on J C Ryle and one of his most famous, best loved books, Holiness.

Keeping this as simple as possible, there is a difference between justification and sanctification.

“In justification the word to be addressed to man is believe - only believe; in sanctification the word must be ‘watch, pray and fight.’ What God has divided let us not mingle and confuse.”

When we get this wrong - when we contort Scripture to mean something that might be sensational and exciting but, at the end of the day, is utterly false - we are swimming with sharks.

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Nick & Mairi xx