Into the Pray

1 Corinthians (part 51): Redeeming Radicalisation

March 26, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 19
Into the Pray
1 Corinthians (part 51): Redeeming Radicalisation
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To prove that even what Nick says in this episode doesn’t go far enough, please read this.

Today we go through vv12-19 of chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians and ask ourselves, "What could it mean for us all to be redeeming radicalisation?"

Look out for a new book project of this same title later in 2022.

As we continue into this 51st episode of City of Temples - and the great crescendo of the book - you can listen to a full reading of 1 Corinthians here.

As this teaching series finishes in the next month or so, please look out for the 50+ sessions in study-guide/commentary form towards the summer of 2022.

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