Into the Pray

Should I Leave My Church? (Then What?): [Testimony & Teaching] 🦁

May 13, 2022 Season 5 Episode 33
Into the Pray
Should I Leave My Church? (Then What?): [Testimony & Teaching] 🦁
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Today's Friday session is the audio from the third part of a YouTube series that went live last night. You can watch the video here if you prefer.

In recent weeks we have been posing the difficult question, "Should I Leave My Church?".

This is clearly a weighty matter and, as such, we have dealt with the question over three separate weeks (on YouTube) culminating today in considering what one should do in order to transition from a context of idolatry into one of faithfulness.

Nick shares candidly from experience in following the leading of the Holy Spirit away from lukewarm, spirit-killing compromise.

Upcoming episodes of this podcast in the next fortnight will include looking at a case for historic pre-millennialism as well as a session on Aquila and Prisca.

Our new teaching series through the gospel of John is previewed for you here.


Should you leave your church? (part one) and part two here.

Wim Hoff, the Demonic & the BBC.

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Did you hear Aimee's STUNNING Good Friday testimony? You can watch our full length conversation with her via YouTube here and her flagship testimony film  here.

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