Into the Pray

Devotional #7: Make No Provision for the Flesh

June 22, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 40
Into the Pray
Devotional #7: Make No Provision for the Flesh
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This devotional today finds itself emerging in the midst of a busy time for us - of writing, witnessing, reading, singing and shrugging off the profound weakness of the flesh.

I hope this short devotional offers strength and ‘provision’ as to what it means to be comforted by the drawing near of Jesus to each one of us (who truly know Him), and to set our minds on the things of the Holy Spirit.

We are currently reading through the book of Isaiah on Friday evenings and will be reading the 3rd section of 8 this Friday evening here.

If you have any testimonials, please reach out, make contact across the 'digital divide', and let us know!

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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