Into the Pray

Eschatology Explained: Post-millennialism ⛅️

June 23, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 41
Into the Pray
Eschatology Explained: Post-millennialism ⛅️
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Show Notes


Thank you for listening to Into the Pray. We hope you're being encouraged as you listen.

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Today's episode is our next instalment digging down into the three main eschatological positions that we introduced in April. (You can listen to the overview episode here , the pre-mill dispensationalism episode here and the historic pre-mill here).

Our aim in this podcast is to clarify distinctives of post-millennialism for you and to hold it up as a legitimate eschatological interpretation - unlike dispensational pre-millennialism.

We will rejoin this conversation next by focusing on a-millennialism.

Sorry about a "congested" vocal in today's podcast as we battle the lurgy.

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FOR YOUR DIARY: Look out for our sessions on Textual Criticism in the next week or two; we're looking forward to introducing you to a book that should be in every disciple's locker. And we'll also be doing some videos together as a couple looking at Dane Ortlund's wonderful book, Gentle and Lowly.

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Let's smash this fake gospel up.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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