Into the Pray

The Great Evangelical Disaster (1984-2022)

August 08, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 49
Into the Pray
The Great Evangelical Disaster (1984-2022)
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Show Notes

Dear All,

Thank you for listening to Into the Pray. I'd also encourage you to read the blog version of this episode here for prayer and reflection.

Francis Schaeffer was born twelve years after the death of J. C Ryle who had no choice but to defrock his first-born son from a position of leadership in the Church of England, such was the tentacle reach of liberal theology even into his own family. There is no way that Ryle would remain within the Church of England today. He was too strong for that, too desirous of God. Spirit is always thicker than blood.

Listen on for my main observations from reading his 1985 book, The Great Evangelical Disaster.

We are all engulfed whether we know it or not. 

: Look out for our sessions on Textual Criticism in the next week or two; we're looking forward to introducing you to a book that should be in every disciple's locker. And we'll also be doing some videos together as a couple looking at Dane Ortlund's wonderful book, Gentle and Lowly. Podcast preview here and YouTube short here.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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