Into the Pray

New Testament Textual Criticism: Myths About Classical Literature

October 09, 2022 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 5 Episode 59
Into the Pray
New Testament Textual Criticism: Myths About Classical Literature
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This is part 4 of our close look at Elijah Hixon and Peter Gurry's excellent book, Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism. (Check YouTube for a short glimpse of the book).

Episode 1 is here.
Episode 2 is here.
Episode 3 is here.

What is textual criticism, why is it so important to get right and how does it relate to our faithful, public witness as disciples of Jesus Christ, the coming King?

What are the common mistakes in comparing the New Testament manuscripts with classical literature?
What is the extent of this rhetoric?
What is our confidence based on?
Why does this fuel our personal & corporate evangelism?
What are these myths showing us about the Church?

Please familiarise yourself, as we are, with
The Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF). Their website is here.

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