Into the Pray

Bethel's Heresy & The Naiveté of the Local Church (w/ Nick Franks)

February 01, 2023 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 6 Episode 3
Into the Pray
Bethel's Heresy & The Naiveté of the Local Church (w/ Nick Franks)
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Show Notes

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

Please listen to this podcast version of this video in a spirit of prayerful repentance. The YouTube version is here.

Having exhausted the biblical process of “going to your brother” in Matthew 18, a local situation has now been addressed publicly here.

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Several short years ago I wouldn’t have had any concerns about Bethel or Bill Johnson or his head honchos at all. I’d never been to Redding, I’d never really been directly influenced by them but, somehow, I’d still have struggled to believe that they were a viper’s pit of demonic/New Age activity and deception.

In June 2021 I did a quick, 30 min vlog responding to Bethel’s attempt to defend their theology. I’d evidently only dealt with the proverbial tip of the iceberg -- you can view this here.

A year and a half later, (Jan 2023), Mike Winger has kindly done the more substantial leg-work to expose the fuller extent of extraneous spiritual activity that is essentially nothing other than New Age occultism with Jesus’ precious Name slapped on top.

I strongly urge you to watch Mike Winger’s January 2023 work on these latest revelations here.

Over the course of the last decade, Mairi and I have actually sat privately with senior pastors who have held Bill Johnson high and aloft as ‘the’ man to listen to and follow and read. We have sat within local churches in Edinburgh who promote “Bethel students” whose indoctrination by the hands of Johnson and Bethel have been endorsed and encouraged. We have even led gatherings with people who lap all this demonic mysticism up (while ourselves not knowing the full extent of the tentacle-reach of the Satanic influence at the time).

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