Into the Pray

Christian Concern's Promotion of NAR "Theology" 🐺 🐑

May 05, 2023 Season 6 Episode 12
Into the Pray
Christian Concern's Promotion of NAR "Theology" 🐺 🐑
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Show Notes

Dear All,

Thank you for listening to Into the Pray.

I’ll allow the podcast to explain itself but, suffice to say, if you are distressed at the contradictory condition in which we are as the Church as a whole, (and especially what is recognised as the word of the LORD), I pray this episode is a comfort to you/yours.

When magazines from the biggest para-church organisations in the country (ie Christian Concern) come through our doors, we must exercise discernment. I’ve personally warned Andrea Williams about this but she wouldn’t listen.

You can watch this week's two videos here:

1) Dealing with a "call to repentance" that I view as false.
2) Dealing with the distress of this that impacts all who long to be true.

The Glorious Few book info/sales are here and its hard-hitting promo film is here.  (Please share).

You can support this work here.

Please also spend time watching this important message:

The Children, The Deception & The Dishonour.

If you have any testimonials, please reach out, make contact across the 'digital divide', and let us know!

Order our new gospel tract for your parish here.

Let's smash this fake gospel up.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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