Into the Pray

Piers Morgan vs. Amol Rajan (Fascist Britain) 🇬🇧

May 12, 2023 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 6 Episode 13
Into the Pray
Piers Morgan vs. Amol Rajan (Fascist Britain) 🇬🇧
Show Notes

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Did you watch Amol Rajan interview Piers Morgan on the BBC last night? I like Amol and I don’t agree with Piers on everything, but he did nail it regarding our fascist western culture and the wokerati.

Try telling Christians today who are berated for being "hateful" and "bigoted", who even lose their livelihoods as a result, that fascism in the 21st. C. is merely "theoretical". Perhaps Amol Rajan would see things differently if he lost his job for the conscience conscription of his faith.

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