Into the Pray

The Things That Changed Us: Reflections on 10 Years of Marriage (1/4)

July 06, 2023 Season 6 Episode 21
Into the Pray
The Things That Changed Us: Reflections on 10 Years of Marriage (1/4)
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Show Notes

Dear All

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The other day I happened to see a sermon that I preached when I was only 26. It was one  of the first times I spoke publicly and basically centred on Philippians 1:21.

Approaching two decades later, and after a decade of marriage to beautiful Mairi, there are things to say. Hence this new four-part series in which we will transparently and appropriately discuss:

1) Forgiveness & family (when reconciliation isn’t guaranteed)
2) What we sounded like 10 years ago (social media and the de-radicalised Church)
3) Vocation & employment (trained for the kingdom of God)

This session today contextualises the conversations by way of an introduction.

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The Children, The Deception & The Dishonour.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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