Into the Pray

An Extra Measure of the Lord Himself | An Urgent Request for Prayer (feat. T. A. Sparks)

July 24, 2023 Season 6 Episode 24
Into the Pray
An Extra Measure of the Lord Himself | An Urgent Request for Prayer (feat. T. A. Sparks)
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Show Notes

Dear All

You can watch a video presentation of this devotional piece by T. A. Sparks here.

Thank you for listening to Into the Pray — our little offering of sanity amidst the ramping chaos of the Church and the anti-Christ world.

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Today's impromptu episode of Into the Pray functions as both an urgent request for prayer and an absolutely "bang-on" devotional from T. A. Sparks that you can read here.

"Touch some Christians, or Christian institutions, and let the touch be even in relation to something more of the Lord Himself, and you will find an uprising of jealous regard for the institution which utterly blinds to that possibility of an extra measure of the Lord Himself...if you are spiritually sensitive, that you are not just encountering the established institutions, but you are encountering a terrific spiritual force."

I personally encounter this demonic power on a regular basis but it is one that has and does attack us as a couple in quite serious ways. Please pray for our protection and for provision, discernment, HEALING and leading at this time.

Thank you...and thank you for listening.

You can watch my "whistle-stop" response to the horrible situation with Hillsong here.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


Nick & Mairi xx

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