Into the Pray

Leaving Home & City | LIVE from Costa Coffee (feat. Nick & Mairi) β˜•οΈπŸŽ™

January 25, 2024 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 8 Episode 4
Into the Pray
Leaving Home & City | LIVE from Costa Coffee (feat. Nick & Mairi) β˜•οΈπŸŽ™
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Show Notes

Greetings All!

Firstly, would you consider supporting our full-time ministry as we head into another increasingly "radicalised" year of service for the soon-to-come Lord Jesus? Neither of us now have salaries and the work we are doing in the background to produce all that we do is significant. You can support us here. Thank you!

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In today's episode of
Into the Pray, we sit down in Costa Coffee with a microphone to have a prayerful conversation 4+ months on having "left home and city" as a result of the stand we're taking concerning the chaos of the Church. We've tried to be honest, gracious and encouraging with a very niche audience mainly in mind. We hope that the public ambience isn't distracting from what we share.

By providing something akin to a general update/catch-up, we talk about:

β€” Life since leaving home and city
β€” Reading the Bible twice in 4 months
β€” Three key verses of Scripture: Ezekiel 12:4; Hebrews 10:34; 1 Thessalonians 5:14.
β€” Prophetic encouragement and challenge, especially for those experiencing the inner discomfort (and even turmoil) as to if/how you are to separate yourself from all forms and communities of spiritual compromise.
β€” Brief feature of a rather forthright naysayer called Rosemary.

Also of note:

Back in the spring of this I year, I published the seminal work, "The Glorious Few: Redeeming Radicalisation in the Kingdom of God." In the period of 2 weeks following publishing, several major things happened all at once that could have happened at any point in the previous 9 years. The disruption of the Lord culminated in Mairi resigning from her role as a Teacher of French in a large secondary school in Edinburgh and was a disruption that I wrote about prophetically in the book's epilogue. This episode of the Into the Pray podcast is Mairi's testimony and, as the final podcast in our home where the podcast began, please let me encourage you to listen with a prayerful heart. Perhaps you'd also share the episode to your networks.

Finally, what would Nick say to your local church and leadership? The 1% Church.

Thank you for listening. Maranatha! Nick & Mairi

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