Into the Pray

Why Have We Stopped Eating McDonald's & Shopping w/ Amazon? (feat. Nick & Mairi)

March 02, 2024 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 8 Episode 7
Into the Pray
Why Have We Stopped Eating McDonald's & Shopping w/ Amazon? (feat. Nick & Mairi)
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Show Notes

Greetings All!

[Apologies that the sound isn't as good as we would like it to be while we're trying to make the most of our current set-up].

Nick recently had a significant conversation with a dairy farmer, Edward, while he milked his cows. Edward opened up about the inordinate pressures that he and his family are being put under by the godless government of the land which now means that a bottle of water is more expensive (of more worth) than a bottle of milk. But what does this have to do with eating at McDonald's and shopping with Amazon?

In today's episode of Into the Pray  we explain why we've recently stopped eating McDonald's and shopping with Amazon.

What are ultra-processed foods (UPFs)?
Is Amazon's customer service really as good as we're all led to believe that it is?
Is McDonald's OK to eat?

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Also of note:

Back in the spring of this I year, I published the seminal work, "The Glorious Few: Redeeming Radicalisation in the Kingdom of God." In the period of 2 weeks following publishing, several major things happened all at once that could have happened at any point in the previous 9 years. The disruption of the Lord culminated in Mairi resigning from her role as a Teacher of French in a large secondary school in Edinburgh and was a disruption that I wrote about prophetically in the book's epilogue. This episode of the Into the Pray podcast is Mairi's testimony and, as the final podcast in our home where the podcast began, please let me encourage you to listen with a prayerful heart. Perhaps you'd also share the episode to your networks.

Finally, what would Nick say to your local church and leadership? The 1% Church.

Thank you for listening. Maranatha! Nick & Mairi

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