Into the Pray

COVID-19 Jabs & The Prophetic-less Church (feat. Dave Brennan)

March 10, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 3 Episode 13
Into the Pray
COVID-19 Jabs & The Prophetic-less Church (feat. Dave Brennan)
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Show Notes

In our weekly episode of Into the Pray with Dave Brennan of CBRUK, we continue to discuss the horrors of abortion and the complicity of the British evangelical Church towards the wholesale promotion of COVID-19 vaccines. 

As you are going to hear, a recent video has been released of evangelical leaders, up and down the UK, bent on pedalling/spiritualising the very same "vaccine narrative" as the UK Government, NHS and 10 Downing Street. 

The video is disturbing to watch, difficult to process and shockingly bad on a number of levels, not least the total absence that it showcases of any prophetic sensitivity in the Church to the gravity of the hour. You can view the video here.

We believe that a direct and pointed tone - a foghorn - is required to cut through this stunted prophetic haze of the comatose Church.

As such, please listen and share this episode as Nick & Mairi Franks and Dave Brennan of CBRUK continue to discuss the prophetic foundation of any activism or gospel-work towards seeing the abolition of abortion.

In 1930s Nazi Germany, many evangelical churches tolerated Nazi flags flying outside their buildings, such was the complicity between the evangelical Church and the diabolical Nazi state.

As the Body of Christ today, it is time to think very differently regarding what's unfolding before our eyes.

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Finally, here is a song that we have been comforted by in recent stormy days.

Come, Lord Jesus!


N&M x

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