Into the Pray

Discussing Ecumenicalism (feat. Joshua Lewis/Remnant Radio)

April 30, 2021 Season 3 Episode 28
Into the Pray
Discussing Ecumenicalism (feat. Joshua Lewis/Remnant Radio)
Show Notes

Greetings Everyone!

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This week we're delighted to meet with Joshua Lewis from Remnant Radio who, as an independent podcast/YouTube channel, publish three weekly episodes of their cross-denominational content to a growing audience of hungry theology-minded fellows.

We asked if Joshua would come onto Into the Pray to discuss the merits of ecumenicalism which, as they put it, is intended to "destabilise theological echo chambers" unto both learning and faithfulness.

We love what they say in their blurb.

"We do not endorse all the various guests we have on the show. However, we do believe a healthy dialogue with those whom we disagree with is a necessary Christian virtue that is not displayed often enough."

In and amongst all of this is the radical preparation of a faithful Bride and, as an integral part of this, we must all take responsibility for our discernment as to what is biblical, objectively true and that which is not. We are surely at a critical juncture in church history!

Next Friday we'll be starting a new mini-series entitled, "The Church in the Home".

So, sit back with a coffee and listen to Nick and Joshua chatting about the Church.

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Come, Lord Jesus!


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