Into the Pray

If NOT Catholics Then Who Are We? (feat. Dave Brennan)

September 15, 2021 Season 4 Episode 29
Into the Pray
If NOT Catholics Then Who Are We? (feat. Dave Brennan)
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This final episode in our focus on contraception is a very helpful look at Scripture to enable us all to continue to think carefully and biblically about the things that we say we believe. Thanks as ever to Dave Brennan of Brephos for joining us each week.

Next week don't miss our preview of what's to come in our Wednesday sessions over the next 3 months before we finish season 4. We will be talking about transgender ideology, predestination, intercession and activism as well as posing some difficult questions for all of us as we survey the general landscape of the Church.

You can watch the YouTube version of this week's conversation here.

In a couple of weeks from now we meet again with Ann Widdecombe regarding the life of Isaiah and next month we have Christopher Ash helping us with our season series on "All the Prophets". Author of umpteen books, including one of our faves, Bible Delight, Christopher is something of an authority on the Psalms.

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