Into the Pray

The Death & Dearth of Spiritual Authority (feat. Melvin Tinker)

October 01, 2021 Season 4 Episode 36
Into the Pray
The Death & Dearth of Spiritual Authority (feat. Melvin Tinker)
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Show Notes


Thank you for listening to Into the Pray.

What you will hear in this week's Friday session is the full audio from a video call with Melvin Tinker in which Nick asks some important questions for our new video series over on YouTube.

Melvin's contribution is important, bold, clear and helpful so we wanted you to hear it in its fullness!

What is the root problem in the Church today?

Where many church leaders are liberal, "progressive", deconstructionist, more culturally controlled than they have the courage to admit and responding to Satan's schemes by rejecting evangelical truth wholesale… (forget the evangelical wing of denominationalism, we're not talking about that; we're talking about biblical truth), ….shouldn’t we be exposing the devil's strategy? (Ephesians 5:11).

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