Into the Pray

Is the Holy Spirit Correcting You? (feat. Nick & Mairi)

December 08, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 4 Episode 63
Into the Pray
Is the Holy Spirit Correcting You? (feat. Nick & Mairi)
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Thank you for listening in to Into the Pray.

This week's Wednesday session is a follow-up from Nick's open letter to the Church last week. You can read this here.

You can watch this podcast on YouTube here.

The bottom line is that false theology and false doctrine has spread and is spreading like gangrene throughout the Church.

Church leaders/Bible teachers are more accountable than those whom they lead (James 3:1) but we are all accountable before God for the diet that we consume, both for our physical bodies - temples of the Holy Spirit - and for our spirits.

Is the church that you go to faithful? Is the church that you lead faithful?

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Come, Lord Jesus!


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