Into the Pray

Why I Love (but disagree with) Christian Concern (feat. Nick Franks)

December 19, 2021 Nick & Mairi Franks Season 4 Episode 68
Into the Pray
Why I Love (but disagree with) Christian Concern (feat. Nick Franks)
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"Why I Love (but disagree with) Christian Concern" is a heartfelt expression of standing with the leadership of CC (and other fine para-church organisations ) but also, in so doing, an honest expression of what I believe to be true - and not true - pertaining to the voice of the coming Lord Jesus to our sleepy, arrogant, calloused, unfaithful church and nation.

Should the Church be calling the government to account for closing the churches? Should UK church leaders be revelling in this?

Via a brief examination of CC's new magazine released this week, I can only conclude not.

With the aggressive and ramping evil that we will all be aware of to some degree, this is my best effort to explain what I believe to be the major disconnect that currently renders the Church both sitting duck and laughing stock.

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